Interview : artist Martins-Lawrence Akande tells us about his art


Martins - Laurent Akende_

Martins-Lawrence Akande – Artist

Who are you, Martins, telle us about your history (présentation)?

– Response; Martins Lawrence Akande ( teenezmartinez ) is a passionate and a refined Artist with a natural talent in Portraiture. A Nigerian with great Passion for the Arts despite his background in Accounting.

What is the path that led you to the illustration?

– Response; “Laughs” The fear of a 9-5 has led me to choose this beautiful path.

Martins-Laurent Akande portrait

All your work that we seen is black and white, why?

– Response; I’ve always had a great love for black and white photos or photography, this has contributed to the reason why most of why works usually appear in black and white. It gives it a good feel and still maintaining its beauty.

We really loved the piece in attached file to this message. Could you explain us the history of this illustration?

– Response; This piece is actually one amongst my favorite pieces. It’s named “UNTITLED” Series. It’s a collection of images of babies with different expressions. It’s a series expressing the essence of child innocence, showing the world to see a well meaning heart, curiosity, imagination and fragile mind that hasn’t experienced the cruelty of the world.

Martins-Laurent Akande portrait 3

Your artistic references?

– Response; Art in America 2015 Edition, Oxford International Art Fair 2014 and 2015, World Art Dubai 2015, Art UPClose New York, Artifact Galley New York.

When you take an illustration, you begin with what (listening to music that you like, or smoke a good cigarette …) ?

– Response; Pretty interesting question, I wish I could smoke a good cigaret before starting every piece “laughs”, I listen to Music, preferably soft rock and podcast sometimes when working. Also sometimes you just want to have that quiet moment while working on certain pieces.

Martins-Laurent Akande Portrait 4

The projects you are currently working and future projects or exhibitions ?

– Response; Currently working on Private projects for certain brands and elite personalities which can’t be disclosed at this stage and for future Projects I won’t state so I don’t kill the thrill but lookout out as details will be up soon.

Your dream ?

– Response; Freedom which I have already!

Can you show us your musical universe by a playlist of 5 tracks ?

– Response; I’m a great fan of Soft Rock, I like Alternative sometime and below are my playlist : 


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