Interview with artist Young-Sung Kim : “What I am pursuing is an advanced extreme hyperrealism that precedes any reality”

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South Korean artist Young-Sung Kim‘s paintings have amazed us with their energy, precision and perfection that defy reality. Who is really Young-sung Kim, what is his background, his technique, what does he express in his work? Conversation with one of the greatest artists of his generation.

Can you tell us about your beginnings in art? What is your journey to become an artist?

I remember that when I was nine years old, I was drawing a specimen of cicadas and I was amazed at both feeling of great emotion and disappointment about not best. “I will become an Artist !!”

Your works are incredibly realistic with perfect details. Can you tell us about your creative process?

Designing and Planning for new piece, Collect small animals, Take photographs, Prepare canvas, Sketch, Draw, Paint with small brushes.


What materials do you use?

Oil on canvas.

It seems that you work from morning until the night. It’s the case ?

I work 12 hours every day. 9 AM~ 12PM.

Given the results of your work, your works seem to take a lot of time. How long do you work on a piece in general?

It takes about 3~10 months for one.

Among your works, which one has a particular story and why?

I love Bumblebee recently completed.

Despite working enormously on energy and doing my best, it took a long time more than a year. As a child I’ve been collecting, observing, and studying for a long time, I was amazed at the detail and the subtle colors that I saw in my work, just as I looked through a microscope.

What message do you send through your “animal” series?

I have chosen my genre as hyperrealism because of the people in nowaday society think animals and nature as methods of ornament, experiment and edibility and these reasons have objectively placed as a valid abusion for remaining humanbeings strongly. However, by drawing and creating realstically, more than a photo, more than a brand new TV or Monitor More than Real, I give a shock to the people in nowaday society, therefore this attitude of my genre can be able to make the people think twice about abusing of their unintentional behaviours towards animals and nature.

What are your sources of inspiration?

Nature and City life

Which artist has marked you the most in the construction of your artistic identity?

I like Gottfried Helnwein, Jeff Koons, and Picaso.

What’s going on in Young-sung Kim’s head when he’s painting ?

What I am pursuing is an advanced extreme hyperrealism that precedes any reality, more real than photographs and high-definition monitors, Finally, more real than real !!!

Can you share with us some music tracks that you are listening to right now?

Between Calm And Passion’ OST Follow.

Thank you.

Young-Sung Kim on Instagram


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